• Learn How The Diet Industry Failed You (and continues to fail people daily).
  • Learn Why You Are Not To Blame And How the Conventional 'Weight Loss' Advice Is Often Wrong (and what to do instead)
  • Learn The 5 Critical Steps My Clients Have Taken To Get Healthier, Lose Weight and Feel Amazing In Less Time, With Less Effort And No Deprivation!  

About Your Coach

Vanessa Armstrong is the founder of Keto Buddies.

She's a Health and Weight Loss Accountability Coach who has a personal story of weight loss(40Kilos/90pounds) and health gain & she is passionate to help women who are in an emotional and physical health crisis, heal their relationship with their body and food to get them off the diet rollercoaster permanently! She believes we need to stop believing the BS of the diet industry, a one size fits all approach does not work. 

20% is about the food, 80% is about the heart and mind. Don't let the name Keto Buddies fool you, this is her unique coaching method.

She believes its time to lose weight differently.

Vanessa Armstrong FOUNDER

What the Clients Are Saying:

  • The last few months in Iso have thrown a few curb balls, in the past, my blowouts would have sucked me into a vortex but my new habits, focus and commitment from working with Vanessa have given me the strength to reset and keep going. Today I hit a goal and I'm in my size 14 leggings! Emma 35 yrs
  • I dropped a pant size in 1 week! Vanessa's personal method is soo good and keeps me going even on hard days. Her app is great and her meal plan and method so different. I've tried keto before but never like this. Annie 38yrs
  • My chronic back pain has improved 40% in 28 days, I tied my shoes for the first time in 10 months. Vanessa is not teaching a "diet" she is helping me to love myself as I am now and to believe that I can achieve the best version of me in my heart, mind and body. Jo 47years
  • Reduced panic attacks, better sleep, never hungry, supported and accountable this is unlike any diet I've been on before, it is honestly not a diet, Vanessa has this worked out for us, she has our back. Leah 31 years
  • From one goal dress to the next, working with Vanessa is keeping me accountable and my relationship with food and my body has changed so much. I have conquered the menopause hormones and I'm feeling better than I have in years. Viv
  • This can't be a diet, I'm never hungry, and I've ditched the scale. Vanessa's method is unlike anything I've done before. I'm shrinking, my mind is focused, I know my WHY, I've learned so much. Melissa 48 years
  • I was on insulin and many medications with complications from type2 ruling my life. Vanessa saved my life. I'm off my insulin and many more medications, I can move my body, I am a new person. My only regret is that I did not find Vanessa sooner. Kathy 65years
  • I'm a vegetarian, I'm 70 years old and Vanessa has been able to coach me with variations to her programme that work for me. I'm losing weight, less aches and pains! Guess its never too to late to make a change for your health. I wanted my next innings to be on my terms! Thank you. Zoe 70Years

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